Samsung CES 2021 : One-Stop Shop that Curates Every Step of Cooking Journey

Samsung is bringing a popular Family HubTM feature to smartphone users with SmartThings Cooking.

 Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. announces today at CES 2021 that it is making one of its most popular Family Hub™ features available in the SmartThings app. Family Hub won its sixth consecutive CES Innovation Award this year—a testament to Samsung’s innovative strides in offering families smarter and more seamless kitchen experiences.

SmartThings Cooking recommends recipes that fit your tastes and dietary restrictions, then builds weekly meal plans to match. As you’re cooking, it sends recipe instructions directly to synced Samsung cooking devices—so Family Hub can order groceries and the Front Control Slide-in Range[1] can automatically preheat, while SmartThings Cooking guides you through every step of meal prep.

“Families around the world embraced smarter cooking and streamlined meal planning with Samsung’s Family Hub,” said John Herrington, Senior Vice President, General Manager of Home Appliances.  “We are proud to bring these features to more than 33 million people who use the SmartThings app—and we hope to inspire those who are cooking, and experimenting, more than ever.”

Samsung makes Smarter Meal Planning from Screen to Table: A New Kitchen Experience

As people spend more time in the kitchen and seek out new recipes, Samsung’s SmartThings Cooking service can help by bringing all of your Samsung kitchen appliances together, offering a seamless journey that allows you to search, plan, purchase, and prep weekly meals via the SmartThings app on your Family Hub or smartphone—a single platform that you can access anywhere, any time.

SmartThings Cooking recommends personalized recipes based on your unique taste and preferences—as well as what’s on hand—to curate personalized recipe recommendations, so you can plan meals for your family more efficiently. You can even browse the categorized recipe collections to match your craving, ingredient, or mood. SmartThings Cooking also allows you to enjoy convenient one-stop grocery shopping through Walmart, Kroger, Instacart, and Amazon Fresh, using the Whisk network.

Every recipe is laid out to guide you through the simplified cooking process, timing and explaining each step like an at-home cooking class. You can also manage meal prep with one-touch control over cooking modes, temperatures, and time settings, and monitor the entire process at a single glance.

SmartThings Cooking is powered by Whisk, a smart food platform acquired by Samsung NEXT. Whisk’s Food AI brings together user preferences, intent, and environmental factors to deliver personalized cooking experiences. Simply save a few of your favorite recipes into the recipe box and, if you wish, share your personal food preferences and your location. You will then receive customized recommendations.

Although SmartThings Cooking is a standalone service accessible via the SmartThings app,[2] Family Hub owners can also enjoy meal planning conveniently from their fridge.[3] The smart fridge offers a full-screen dedicated board optimized for SmartThings Cooking, which works with Family Hub to understand what’s inside the fridge and add missing ingredients directly to your online grocery cart for at-home delivery.

Samsung’s Family Hub for 2021 also brings powerful new capabilities that make it the center of the smart home. Widgets for the most frequently used functions have become easier to use, with a larger music widget that includes personalized recommendations and an upgraded SmartThings widget that serves as a dashboard for all your smart home devices. Family members can upload photos, notes, and more to any screen, so that you can use all of the Family Hub screens like the Family Board feature, first introduced in 2019.

More information on SmartThings Cooking and Family Hub will be on display at Samsung’s virtual CES exhibit from January 11 to 14. For more information about Samsung’s latest products, please visit


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