For those of you who have already seen the social media sponsored ads on Sabbat and don’t know who they are, here’s a quick Sabbat E12 Ultra review for you. Sabbat was initially founded in 2016 and they are an earbuds brand that is still quite young in the market. Despite that, with the professional work of research and development, Sabbat is committed to offering a fantastic “personal music concert” experience for every user.

Sabbat E12 Ultra Review


Upon opening the inner box of the Sabbat E12 Ultra, you are greeted by the earbuds themselves along with the cradle and 6 extra ear tips. The ear tips come in three different sizes with two different styles – One with hard inner bore and the other with a soft inner bore. Sabbat was kind enough to include a fabric bag to carry the cradle and act as protection. You can check the full unboxing here – Sabbat E12 Ultra Yan Yanshi Unboxing and Overview

Sabbat E12 Ultra Packaging Kang Dupet



The Sabbat E12 Ultra has an unnatural design and odd in shape which would be similar to custom IEMs, the nozzle included. The plastic pink-coloured faceplate goes all the way to the sides and the rest of it is coloured white on the Yan Yanshi model. Just above the nozzle are two metallic pins which are used to connect to the cradle for charging.

At the centre of each earbud is the logo which functions as an easy to press physical button for multi-media controls.

The multi-function button operation gives easy access to music, video and phone calls. A single press plays and pauses music, press two times to skip (right) or return (left) a song, and three times to increase and decrease the volume. Hold the button, and you activate the voice assistant. 


Despite the Sabbat E12 Ultra’s oddly large size, it felt comfortable in the ears during our use of an hour. The curved shape allows easing into the ears without causing any issues

The cradle for the earphones supports type-c charging and has status LEDs at the back of the case. It has a glossy finish which could easily be scratched but thankfully, it comes with a fabric case for it. Cradle is relatively heavy but is small enough to fit the pockets without any hassle.


The Sabbat E12 Ultra which is a wire-free Bluetooth earphone with auto-pairing features. It connects automatically upon removal from the cradle and switches off along with charging once you put them back. In addition, the cradle supports Qi Wireless charging which makes it true to its branding of being truly wireless. With 50mAH battery capacity, it will take about 24 hours of usage and 60 mins to fully charge. 

Sabbat E12 Ultra Battery

Other Features

The Sabbat E12 Ultra supports Bluetooth 5.0 standard with the Qualcomm aptX codec and AAC on top of the usual sound band codec. The additional codec allows superior audio quality. The Bluetooth as a 10m transition distance before searching for other paired devices or disconnecting.

Sabbat E12 Ultra Features

Sound Quality

The Sabbat E12 Ultra is quite tip dependent and it would be best to find the right tips that are best fit for their users. For its price the, sounds are decent. The bass is exaggerated quite a bit but the sub-bass is bold. The treble has good detail and quite satisfactory. In terms of the soundstage, it is limited and the width is larger than depth.


The Sabbat E12 Ultra fairs for its price and was packaged well making it feel premium above all things. Build quality is solid and feels durable with a rigid case. The earbuds themselves have a sense of comfort. It is definitely worth the experience thanks to their long-lasting battery life, high-quality codec compatibility and Bluetooth range. In terms of the listening experience, you get more than what you paid for. The Sabbat E12 Ultra retails for P3,190.

Sabbat E12 Ultra Conclusion

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Sabbat E12 Ultra Yan Yanshi




Build Quality









  • Light and Comfortable
  • Technical Ability
  • Strong Bluetooth Connection
  • Amazing Battery Life
  • IPX5 Rating


  • Excess Bass