Seeing the term ‘vagina’ on social media, or hearing this in normal conversations can feel ‘uncomfortable’ or even seem scandalous and shameful. This is proof that feminine health conversations, especially about the vagina, is still considered taboo. Taking bold steps in destigmatizing these conversations, CAREFREE celebrated Women’s month with a campaign centered on Feminine Health which initiated dialogues on vaginal health particularly on wetness, odor and discharge, and educated women on how they can better care for themselves.

Carefree, together with SPARK Philippines, its brand ambassadors, and OB-GYNs, took big strides in creating a safe space for Filipinas through the Panty Proud Series. The series of discussions centered on how to best care for one’s feminine and vaginal health during the pandemic, which is integral to women’s overall health. These conversations focused on ultimately empowering Filipinas to build a better relationship with themselves. As highlighted by Gabbi Garcia and SPARK Philippines, “Breaking the stigma surrounding vaginal health starts from loving and taking care of ourselves, in order to inspire more women to embrace what makes them uniquely feminine.”

Simultaneously, CAREFREE partnered with SPARK Philippines in putting the spotlight on women leaders from across different industries, to leverage discussions surrounding women in the context of the pandemic, diversity, governance, and health. This partnership enriched discussions happening in the digital space, by amplifying ‘uncomfortable’ and tough conversations to educate the public about challenges and victories of women, in hopes of dismantling stigmas.

As a brand who seeks to empower women to celebrate and embrace their femininity, CAREFREE is taking a bold step in uplifting conversations on feminine and vaginal health all year long. Alex Burgos, Carefree representative said, “For as long as we attach the shame and stigma to this normal and natural matter, more and more women may feel trapped in a cycle of worry about untreated symptoms; more and more women may have concerns about their body and body image; and more and more women may not get to live their best lives.”

To learn more about the campaign, check out and the hashtag #CarefreePH and #CarefreePantyProud to access some of these conversations and see other Carefree girls supporting this campaign. To check out Carefree’s partnership with SPARK Philippines, check out and the hashtag #Women 2021 to see our women leaders uplift women stories and advocacies.