CONQuest has remained dear to my heart since 2015. Back in 2019, I was invited to be one of the guest panels for streamers. This year, I’m back as a Cosplayer debuting my first ever Valorant cosplay and a limited-edition KANGQuest merch to celebrate CONQuest’s growth and to give back to my ever-supportive community. My CONQuest-exclusive merch consists of Photocards, Intax Live Photos, and limited edition Kang Dupet keycaps.


There are a total of 10 Photo Card variants available to choose from, each priced at 30 pesos. The Photo Cards selection is a mix between cosplay photos and personal shots, all of which haven’t been posted online. In addition to the pre-made photo cards, I will be also offering Instax Live Photos on the second floor of the Predator Booth. Both Photo Cards and Instax Pics will come with a signature.


Conquest 2022 KANGQuest Merch Kang Keycap Variants

The Limited-edition Kang Dupet Artisan Keycap is made of 3D printed resin mold produced by WUJI Toys. It features the latest Kang Dupet logo(made by Overdrive Studios) and will be available in three base colorways and two limited edition variants. The regular variants are limited to 15 pieces each while the two limited edition clear and metallic blue variants are limited to 5 pieces each.


Conquest 2022 Kang Keycaps

If you’re interested in getting a Kang Dupet Custom Keycaps and the rest of the merch, do head over to the second floor of the ACER Predator booth. You might also get the chance to meet me there after every stage appearance. The regular variants will be available for Php 375 and the special variants are priced at Php 699 each. Those who will buy a set of regular variants will get an 11.25% discount, reducing the total cost to only Php 999 instead of Php 1,125. Do note that buyers must be able to enter the event grounds and thus will require a ticket from the organizers of Conquest Festival 2022. Tickets are available at


Conquest 2022 KANGQuest Merch Kang Keycaps Monitor Giveaway

As a way to give back to my precious community, I will be giving away one Acer Predator Gaming monitor to those who will purchase a Kang Dupet Custom Keycap. Each keycap purchase, either regular or special, comes with a raffle entry for the monitor giveaway. Specific monitor model and the winner draw will be announced at a later date. Be sure to follow my page for more updates.

Conquest 2022 KANGQuest Cosplay Panel

I will also make an appearance at the Community Stage on July 23 at 6:30 PM as part of the Drip Check Panel alongside other known figures in the community namely Een Mercado, Liui Aquino, Kitz Cua, and Charess. The Community Stage is located on the second floor near the Retro Arcade area.

Lastly, thank you to my team and fans for the support you’ve given me not only in this event but since I started my journey as a cosplayer and streamer. I can’t wait to see you there! For more updates, don’t forget to follow my Facebook and Instagram pages. You can also join my FB Group community where I post exclusive updates.