Kingston releases the refresh for the Canvas Plus SD and MicroSD cards last March 2020. The Canvas Plus comes in three different models for both the SD and MicroSD cards: Select Plus, Go! Plus, and React Plus. Today, we have the Kingston Canvas Go! Plus and Canvas React Plus.

NameCanvas Select PlusCanvas Go! Plus SDSD Canvas React Plus
Capacity32 GB - 512 GB64 GB-512 GB32 GB-256 GB
Speed•100MB/s read (32GB-64GB)
•100MB/s read, 85MB/s write (128GB-512GB)
•170MB/s read, 70MB/s write (64GB)
•170MB/s read, 90MB/s write (128GB-512GB)
300MB/s read, 260MB/s write
CompatibilityUHS-I, U1, V10 (32GB-64GB)
•UHS-I, U3, V30 (128GB-512GB)
UHS-I, U3, V30UHS-II, U3, V90
UsagePoint-and-shoot cameras• DSLR
• Mirrorless camera
• 4K video production
• 4K/8K video production
• UHS-II cinema cameras
NameCanvas Select Plus microSDCanvas Go! Plus microSDCanvas React Plus microSD
Capacity32 GB-512 GB64GB-512GB64GB-256GB
Speed100MB/s read (32GB-128GB)

100MB/s read, 85MB/s write (256GB-512GB)
•170MB/s read, 70MB/s write (64GB)
•170MB/s read, 90MB/s write (128GB-512GB)
285MB/s read, 165MB/s write
CompatibilityUHS-I, U1, V10, A1 (32GB-128GB)

UHS-I, U3, V30, A1 (256GB-512GB)
UHS-I, U3, V30, A2UHS-II, U3, V90, A1
Usage• Point and shoot cameras
• Android devices
• 4K video production
• Action cameras
• Drones
• Android devices
• 4K/8K video production
• HD drones
• Action cameras

The Kingston Canvas Plus is pretty straight forward and is basically plug-and-play. The endpoint is that you get a card that fits your needs. If you’re a content creator or like doing multimedia, the Kingston Canvas React Plus cares are the way to go if you are willing to pay the premium to attain the Class 10 UHS-II U3 speeds and that awesome card reader.

Kingston Canvas Plus SD

If you’re doing it as a hobby or want to go for something that would fit your budget, go for the Kingston CanvasGo! Plus series. It costs slightly higher than the entry-level Select Plus cards and you get the better A2 app performance class.

Kingston Canvas Plus SD Tests

The performance difference between the Canvas Plus SD card and MicroSD card can be seen above. We’ve tested it using the CrystalDiskMark 7.0.0 to show both Real World Performances and Peak Performances.

Kingston Canvas Plus Price


• Canvas Go! Plus 128GB SD card – PHP 1,500
• Canvas Go! Plus 64GB microSD card – PHP 650
• Canvas React Plus 256GB SD Memory Card w/ MobileLite Plus SD Reader – PHP 10,800
• Canvas React Plus 128GB SD Card w/ MobileLite Plus SD Reader – PHP 5,200
• Canvas React Plus 256GB microSD Card w/ MobileLite Plus microSD Reader – PHP 9,350
• Canvas React Plus 128GB microSD Card w/ MobileLite Plus microSD Reader – PHP 5,650
• MobileLite Plus microSD Card Reader – PHP 550
• MobileLite Plus SD Card Reader – PHP 585