If you’re in the market to getting a new keyboard, one of the brands you’d be looking at would definitely be Corsair. We have one of the recently released keyboards, the Corsair K60 RGB Pro coming into the choices with a set of features to justify its premium price.

Corsair K60 RGB Pro

The Corsair K60 RGB Pro is built with an anodised aluminium frame thus maintaining a weighed and rigid body despite having a slim design. It enters with the newest Cherry Viola Mechanical Switches. These are a more affordable mechanical switch which goes against the membrane-type keyboards.

Check out the full Corsair K60 RGB Pro Specifications here

K60 RGB Pro Packaging and Design

Corsair introduces a newly packaged K60 RGB Pro with their bright yellow and dark blacks with a crisp and clear photo of the keyboard on the front. The box reflects the slim design utilizing as little material as possible to fit the keyboard inside.

K60 RGB Pro Packaging Design K60 RGB Pro Packaging

Initial Impressions

At first glance, the K60 RGB Pro shows promise. It is definitely a lighter version of most mechanical Corsair keyboard. The switches it comes with shows fewer complications, and there’s more plastic in the box, but it gives a very strong ambience of being a Corsair keyboard.

On the top row, aside from the usual F-keys, we see additional functions that can be utilized using the FN-Shift to adjust. The media keys and volume are included through F5 to F12.

K60 RGB Pro Full Keyboard

The keycaps don’t have a premium look but still play a vital part in keeping the price at its best. It has a nice huge translucent font on them letting the light through. As you would see, it is a bit short though, leaving the switches too exposed.

K60 RGB Pro Switches

It is a full-size design for those who would be needing a NUMPAD and Corsair has made it possible to keep the bezel slim around the keyboard making it fairly compact.

K60 RGB Pro Numpad

The Cherry Viola switches use a box design keeping the keycaps more stable and lets the surface elucidate more around the switch and keycaps.


Before we talk about the performance, let’s get into one of the best RGB in the market. It would be interesting if Corsair would be able to implement some Capellix hardware into their peripherals but the lighting on these are already quite vibrant. Along with the adjustments possible on the Corsair iCUE and its sync with other pc components, it really is stunning how Corsair has pulled it off.

The colours are rich and offer lots of brightness, partly from the frosted switch housing and the short keycaps leaving an underglow. The switches though are full mechanical but were designed to be more simple in design. The actuation force is somewhat relatable to MX Reds with shorter key travel distance. They aren’t as sophisticated as Cherry MX gaming switches but are a step up to membrane keyboards.


K60 RGB Pro Packaging Design

To wrap things up the Corsair K60 RGB Pro Cherry Viola Switches are available at an SRP of ₱ 4,320 in most retailers. It is half of what the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT costs and you still get all the RGB goodness along with tweaking possibilities from the Corsair iCUE. All-in-all, the K60 RGB Pro is a premium keyboard at heart, and still has the requirements of most high-end keyboards. Despite the differences in feel with the switches, it would still come cheaper compared to buying a regular Cherry MX Red.

Corsair K60 RGB Pro

₱ 4,320



Build Quality


User Experience







  • Brushed aluminum top plate
  • Vibrant RGB
  • Top-Class iCUE Software


  • Short keycaps
  • No onboard memory for personalized profiles and macros