With the release of the Glorious Model O Wireless, Glorious makes an entry into growing the wireless gaming mouse market with their own style. Priced at ₱4,400, it is one of the most competitively priced wireless models in the market.

Glorious Model O Wireless Review

Prior to the Glorious Model O Wireless, Glorious PC Gaming Race released two other shapes with different sizes. Model O being the ambidextrous version and the Model D being the ergonomic one. These too come in smaller sizes; Model O- and the Model D-. Previously tested the Glorious Model O Pink Version and got accustomed to that and never had any issues with it.


SensorBAMF Sensor (Pixart PWM 3370 with custom Glorious SROM)
Main button switchesOmron 20M
Weight~69 grams
Mouse feetGlorious G-Skates
Default DPI- 400 (Yellow)
- 800 (Blue)
- 1600 (Red)
- 3200 (Green)
Charging CableUSB-C Glorious Ascended Cable (2m / 6.5ft)
Warranty2 Years
SoftwareGlorious Core


Glorious Model O Wireless Packaging and Contents

The contents of the Glorious Model O Wireless is minimal consisting of product stickers, manuals, and a quick start guide. Expected some extra mouse feet that went with the mouse but unfortunately found none since it is quite a common addition by most manufacturers. Additionally, the package came with a USB receiver, USB extender, and USB-C cable.

Glorious Model O Wireless Design

Despite a strong resemblance to the wired version, it isn’t just a derivative of it. The Glorious Model O Wireless replaced the surface with a black or white matte colour. The ambidextrous shape of the wired Model O was retained along with the honeycomb design on the top and bottom of the shell. To top it all off, they added some flair to it with a line of RGB running on both sides of the body, as well as both sides of the scroll wheel.

It would fall accordingly to the preference of the user but it has a nice balance of style without being gaudy.

On the left side of the mouse, we see the logo of Glorious PC Gaming Race and the Glorious text on the front-right side. At the bottom, we see four Glorious G-Skate feet at each corner.

The Glorious Model O Wireless is straight-forward and offers no compartments to hide the receiver and extender. Aside from the detachable cable, there is nothing else that can be attached to the mouse.

There are a total of six buttons. The one placed under the scroll wheel is the default for cycling DPI, and there are two extra buttons on the left-hand side where the thumbs rest should you be right-handed. The unit received has a white matte finish and still looks great and no marks of use can is visible aside from dust.

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Glorious Model O Wireless Shape

The shape of the mouse is the most important for gamers, especially when considering in-game performance. The Glorious Model O Wireless is an ambidextrous mouse that measures 128mm long, 37.5mm high. The width measures 59mm in the middle and 61mm towards the front of the mouse. Choosing the shape of a mouse is rather preferential as there are people with small hands that prefer bigger mice, while there are those that have bigger hands that prefer small mice.

Glorious Model O Wireless Sensor and Performance

The Glorious Model O Wireless has a BAMF sensor based on the PixArt PAw3370 and is capable of 19,000 DPI. With the BAMF, finer adjustments can be made via the Glorious Core especially for the Model O Wireless. Another reason why this sensor was thoughtfully chosen was thanks to its extremely great power-saving feature and gaming performance. The sensor was able to perform exceptionally well on different surfaces and had no issues on any of the mousepads tested it on.

Glorious Core

When it comes to customization, the Glorious Core software has great configuration options for the Glorious Model O Wireless. Lift-off distance is customizable as well with 1mm and 2mm settings. Aside from that, the debounce setting can be set between 0 and 16ms in 2ms increments. The debounce helps in avoiding double-clicking on the mouse by placing a delay between when the mouse can be clicked in succession.

Glorious Core

Being that has available RGB on the mouse, there are 8 modes for the RGB available on the Glorious core and can be customized with colours, speed, and brightness. Reassigning the buttons are also available on the software. Dimming the RGB lights can definitely help elongate battery life on your Glorious Model O Wireless.

Battery Life

Glorious claims a max battery life of up to 71 hours without the lighting. Upon testing, we were able to maximize gaming without illumination for about 11 hours without even reaching the 80% mark.


Final Thoughts

The claims to the Glorious Model O Wireless are exactly what it is. Glorious even managed to bring the weight of the Model O Wireless down to just 69g. In terms of build quality, they definitely made no compromises despite being one of the more affordable high-end wireless gaming mice in the market. Although we did experience a bit of creaking on the scroll wheel, it did feel firm and satisfying to use.

With the partnership with PixArt and Glorious to create the BAMF sensor, the performance was excellent across the board. Pricing this at ₱4,400 was an ideal option given its performance and battery life that feels like no other.

Got this particular one from Gosu Gaming Gears

Glorious Model O Wireless




Build Quality









  • Great Sensor Performance
  • Low Click Latency
  • Lightweight
  • USB-C Fast Charging


  • Creaking on the scroll wheel